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Machines: Proper Positioning of Spray Nozzles

Proper Positioning of Spray Nozzle

Proper positioning of nozzles for coolant/lubricant spray systems makes a large difference to the effectiveness of the system.

If the nozzle is positioned at location A, most of the fluid will be slung off the sawblades and it will end up in the dust collection system.

Nozzles should be position as close to location B as practical. The fluid should be directed on the tooth face of the sawblades to be cooled, and it should be as close to where the saw re-enters the workpiece as possible. That way fluid will not be slung off and end up in the dustbin!

For some applications it is also desirable to have coolant on the sides of the saw bodies, but in any case the same principle applies to "best location" for the nozzles.

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