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At Super Thin Saws, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and innovation in the wood industry. We collaborate closely with industry leaders to ensure our products meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. Our partnerships with top-tier companies allow us to continuously refine our saw technology, delivering precision and efficiency that our customers can depend on. But don’t just take our word for it—here's what our clients have to say about working with us:

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"It was in the late 90's Fitts decided to try Super Thin Saws in our new rip mill operations. Uncertain of the outcome for quality, durability or performance this was one of Fitts' more successful changes ever. Not just for the gain in yield but the life of the tool was doubled producing a higher quality cut as well as yield options.


Fitts uses Super Thin to make numerous other blades for other processes. We have enjoyed 25 years of high quality, high performance and terrific service from a distance of more than 1,300 miles. If and when an issue came up the team at Super Thin was always on top of it. We are very pleased and will continue to source our saw tooling needs with Super Thin for years to come."

- Frank Fitts III


"We've been a customer for 10+ years, they are very responsive and always return your calls in a timely manner.


Blade sharpening turn around is very quick. The quality of workmanship has always been consistent."


-Jeff Warren 


"We have always designed our systems with a focus on quality and reliability. We are also aware that operating the best ripping system means nothing if you don’t also have blades that can handle it.


We faced a significant challenge when outfitting our ripsaw with blades due to the high feed rate of our system.


Super Thin Saws solved our challenge by developing blades that could handle high speeds without compromising on kerf, which allowed us to keep our yields high.


They were relentlessly committed to providing us with the best possible product, and they reached that goal and then some. Their amazing staff and stellar products are vital contributors to our success."


-Joseph Therrien


"Super Thin Saws is an important supplier to Mirage (Formerly Boa-Franc) for over 20 Years, manufacturing for us a lot of high quality saw blades, and servicing those blades each week on a high standard. They support us in our needs and projects with a strong partnership and interest, proposing improvements and ideas through the years.


I would highly recommend Super Thin Saws as supplier."

- Claude Gagné, client of 24+ years

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"Here at Appalachian Lumber, we strive to produce the highest quality products possible. In order to produce a high quality part in the wood products industry, it is imperative you have the highest quality saws available. 


We have been a huge fan of Super Thin Saws from day one. Over the years we have used many different saw manufactures for many applications but none that measure up to Super Thin when cut quality and saw lifespan is considered. 


Super Thin stands out in a few areas where other companies don’t. First, the customer service is unlike many other tooling companies. Every time you call you will be able to speak with someone who is knowledgeable and can answer any questions you may have. Secondly, the quality of the saws are great, no matter your application and even after sharpening multiple times, the saws continue to perform very well. Lastly, Super Thin saves me time and money because of the longevity of the saws. Super Thin saws run much longer than most other companies while still producing a high quality cut. This reduces expensive down time and saves on labor cost."

- Jackson Church

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"Our company’s experience with Super Thin Saws, Inc. began in 1995 with our purchase of a special Weinig moulder equipped for double-arbor sawing using thin kerf moulder saws. STS has been a key partner in the development of our process of moulding louvers and slats. They have supported us well through all the details of optimizing louver yield through the moulder. Their has been no other contender for our thin-kerf tooling needs. No one else has the technology.  


Besides the product success we’ve enjoyed, the STS staff has been remarkable over the years. We have thoroughly enjoyed our association with John Schultz and all the guys, Rob, Steve, & others. They “take ownership” in their performance and it shows."

-T. Brant O'Hair

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"I have dealt with many blades and sharpening services over my 39 years at Bally Block. By far, Super Thin Saws has supplied us with the best service and consistency on all our cutting needs.

We only process 8/4 Hard Woods, so we need precision and durability out of our blades - Super Thin Saws is capable of supplying us with that. STS set us up on their great, reliable blade management program. I no longer need to worry about plant downtime due to not having sharp, consistent-sized blades on-site.


Shortly after we brought Super Thins Saws on board at Bally, we started talking Thin Kerf blades. I was a little leery, but Rob talked me into trying their Integral Flange blade. I'm glad he did; I would not go back to the conventional 4.0 kerf blades again. STS' 3.1 kerf run longer and cooler on our saws and increased our yields. 

To date, I have not met a more knowledgeable company than the Super Thin Saws team about saw/cutting questions."

-David O. Ritter

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