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Machines: Importance of Spacers

Precision Spacers - Why?

Let's say your spacers have a tiny taper of .0005" (a half a thou) which is about 13u (microns - thousandth of a millimeter)

It sounds like almost nothing, but.....

Probably the sawblades have a similar tiny taper...,

How much (axial) run-out will you be adding to your setup?

Naturally it depends on how many saws and spacers are in a setup.

Axial Run-out Added by Tiny Taper (.0005" - 13u)


That "reasonably common bad case" is what you have to design around!

So buy good spacers...., keep them in tip-top condition....,

... and when they rust, or get dinged up, careful honing with emory cloth goes only so far. Then you need professional repair (lapping.)

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