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Service and Sharpening

For best performance, ensure your saws are receiving top quality:

Straightening - Flattening - Tensioning - Grinding - Retipping

Though our innovative blade technology is what gave us our name, we are equally proud of the professional care our service techs put into making sure every blade we repair is tuned and cutting true. As a result, we ensure your saws will meet the demands of your applications at all times. 
Whether you need to lean on our 40+ years of sharpening expertise or our technical knowledge of your applications to ensure your machines run smoothly, we're here for you! Through the years, we have gathered the knowledge to work with many demanding applications, ranging from very thin kerf to some that are not so thin. From high-grade timber running at moderate speeds to relatively low-grade timber running at high speeds of 500 ft m/min or more.
We have learned the importance of having repeatable, reliable blade performance and that the cost of unscheduled downtime tied to the sharpening can be very costly. From glue line rip accuracy to ripping to dimension at high speed with low-grade timber and eliminating tear out on end matchers to thin kerf double arbor splitting for gluing, we offer a solution you can count on for a lifetime of sawing accuracy.


Turnkey Services

Blade Stocking Program

We offer several different types of blade stocking programs to ensure we have your blades in stock at all times. From stocking the finished blade to stocking material so we can ship in a timely manner, we have added additional stocking options in light of recent supply chain issues. Please contact us for more details so we can work together to plan ahead.

Right-On-Time Inventory Management

Our team tracks each blade with its own blade tracking number that helps us manage your blades, keeping you informed if and when any blade received for service has been damaged beyond repair and needs replacing. We set up agreements in advance, so we can stock your blades to allow fast replacement of blades, and you never have to worry about running out at critical moments.  

Precision Sharpening and Retipping

At Super Thin Saws, we guarantee the performance of every tool we repair. Our turnkey management of the saws — from when they're first made through their lifetime of resharpening and retipping — ensures repeatable precision cutting quality every time.

Inspection Process

Each order is professionally cleaned and inspected for repairs to determine the exact extent of what work is needed to repair before the actual sharpening begins. If a blade is damaged beyond repair, we notify you. If you have a stocking program setup, we will cover the terms of that program on the return shipment.

UPS and FedEx Shipping

We ship and receive orders daily from UPS and FedEx for service.

Please allow up to 5 working days with our service center for sharpening; each returned shipment will be professionally packaged.

We Work With the Very Best

"Super Thin Saws is an important supplier to Mirage (Formerly Boa-Franc) for over 20 Years, manufacturing for us a lot of high quality saw blades, and servicing those blades each week on a high standard. You support us in our needs and projects with a strong partnership and interest, proposing improvements and ideas among all those years.


I would highly recommend Super Thin Saws as supplier."

- Claude Gagné, client of 22+ years

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