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Machines: Assembling Hydro-Sleeves

Assembly Instructions for Moulder/Blade/Spacer/Sleeve setups

  1. Inspect all parts prior to assembly for damage or foreign materials on individual items - sawdust, grease, etc - clean if necessary

  2. While assembling make sure that all parts fit easily , but snugly on sleeve - you should not have to force anything - keep in mind that there are bolts going through the blades and spacers, so align the holes as you are putting the parts on

  3. For Single Blade setups : Starting at Flange end of sleeve, install filler space first Next piece should be a Bookend spacer, then sawblade, Bookend spacer, then Threaded Locking spacer - bolts should fit easily through all parts and be only finger tight - Very important to not overtighten, as this could cause deflection of sawblade and mis-alignment in the setup

  4. For Multiple Blade setups : Starting at Flange end of sleeve, install filler spacer [if necessary] then Bookend spacer, then sawblade, then product spacer, then sawblade - continuing until last sawblade is installed - Bookend spacer and Threaded Locking spacer are again the final parts installed on the sleeve - procedure for installing the bolts is identical to that of Single blade assembly

  5. For Multiple Blade setups : Sawblades should be installed so that , when looking at the blades from the side , the teeth are not all in a line from blade to blade - this will prevent-incurring too large a cutting force from more than one tooth at a time entering the cut

  6. When installing the completed setup on the moulder spindle, you should make sure that the spindle is clean and free from sawdust, grease, etc. - Standard installation is with the Flange end of the sleeve at the end of the spindle away from the motor [easier to get to the grease fitting for pumping up]

  7. The use of a Safety Locking Ring [clamps mechanically around the spindle] is recommended-this connects to the sleeve by the means of two pins, and is designed to keep the sleeve from spinning in case of depressurizing, and possibly damaging the spindle

  8. When pumping up the hydrosleeve , make sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendation of correct pressure [425-450 Bar] for operation - Never pump up the sleeve with no tooling installed on it - this will deform the sleeve and possibly ruin it

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