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Machines: Assembling Hydro-Chucks

ETP HYDRO-GRIP TYPE GEW with max. length 100m

Assembly instructions

  1. The tool and the ETP HYDRO-RIP GEW must be thoroughly cleaned, removing all traces of grease and other impurities. Coat the ETP HYDRO-GRIP GEW lightly with anti-moisture spay.

  2. Place the pre-balanced cutter on the HYDRO-GRIP GEW then mount the cover disc and insert the two locking M6 bolts through the cover disc and the cutterhead into the threaded holes in the flange. DO NOT tighten the bolts at this stage.

  3. Connect the high pressure pump to the grease nipple and pressurize the hydraulic GEW arbor about 250 bar (3700 psi) or until you feel that the tool is centered.

  4. Tighten the locking bolts and pay special attention that they are tighten evenly half a turn at a time and to 10Nm (7,4 ft lbs).

  5. Complete the pressurizing to 500-550 bar (7350-8100 psi).

  6. Check the balance of the complete unit i.e. cutterhead with GEW arbor. The balance grade is G2,5 as per ISO 1940-1.

  7. The complete unit, tool with GEW arbor is now ready to be installed in a Powermat machine.

Note: Always check the balance each time you have changed tools on the arbor. It is not necessary to check the pressure in the arbor between the sharpening of the cutter if there is no extreme changes of temperature.

Disassembly instruction

  1. To disassemble the tool and GEW unit you simply loosen the pressurization grease nipple half a turn. The pressure drops and the locking bolts, cover disc and the tool can be removed from the GEW arbor.

  2. Tighten the grease nipple in order to make the GEW arbor ready for next assembly. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN the grease nipple.

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