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About Super Thin Saws

Learn how it all started with thin saw vibration patterns.

Super Thin Saws create less waste with greater accuracy, generating more product and more profit. 


Our saws are also built stiffer, resulting in reliable runtimes between sharpening and less downtime – so you can get back to work sooner rather than later. Founded and run by seasoned industry veterans who respect machinery, tooling, and understand your needs.  STS is equipped to optimize your woodworking practices every step of the way.

A Few Words From Our Customers:

Why invest in Super Thin Saws?

We're more than just thin.

Exceptional Service

We tune your blades back to new condition every time so you can count on repeatable performance.  Our quality control reduces your unscheduled downtime, making it your best long-term investment.

Higher Cutting Quality

Our blades don't just perform well.  They perform well in more variable conditions. We've raised the bar of performance and maintain to keep it that high for the lifetime of the blade.

Engineered for Performance

We use the best materials possible so our blades can hold the tightest tolerances. Super Thin Saws unique heavy hub body design reduces vibration and saw deviation with its internally stiffening rim. 

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