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Solid Wood Flooring

For Solid Wood Flooring, we make the blades needed with precision runout and kerf  for each application.   Some are extremely thin, while others are moderately thin to fairly heavy. 


With rough mill ripping, machines are often running a minimum of 300-500ft of low-grade hardwoods.  Our blades are crafted with precision to your specifications to eliminate chipped corners and deep sawmarks. We work to find the sweet spot between runtime and yield recovery for each application.
We know that challenges can occur if your tools aren’t made or sharpened properly. Therefore we make sure every blade we service maintained within the appropriate tolerance for its intended application, We are extremely skilled in all levels of making, servicing & managing saws for all types of flooring operations. At Super Thin Saws, our service team has measures in place to ensure your blades are serviced to perform accurately at all times.
From concept to service, we’re here to help every step of the way with our 40 years of experience.

The process of house renovation with changing of the floor from carpets to solid oak wood.

Stages of Production

We know your applications and what they demand. Learn more about getting the right tools for the job.

We Work With the Very Best

"Super Thin Saws is an important supplier to Mirage (Formerly Boa-Franc) for over 20 Years, manufacturing for us a lot of high quality saw blades, and servicing those blades each week on a high standard. You support us in our needs and projects with a strong partnership and interest, proposing improvements and ideas among all those years.


I would highly recommend Super Thin Saws as supplier."

- Claude Gagné, client of 22+ years

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